My career started with a degree in Information Technology. For over 30 years I have been involved in the recruiting industry – matching talented professionals with exceptional opportunities in technology, healthcare, and other services. I find it so rewarding and gives me great pleasure to see people grow and advance in their field. I’m proud to say I have even made some lasting friendships. Throughout the years I have learned that building relationships with honesty and trust are the reasons why people connect with each other, resulting in a successful partnership.

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For the last 22 years, I have been completely addicted to matching talented professionals with exceptional opportunities. My start in the industry began with some of the largest firms in the nation. They taught me the art and science of the trade. For more than a decade I have been consulting my clients to. “Follow your passion and the rest will fall into place.” Thankfully, my own advice proved true for myself – just as I had always known.

In a world where technology advances by the minute, relationships are the last variable that can never be substituted with software.



I began my career providing services to the Government and contractors that support the Government in 1998 and have never looked back. I truly enjoy supporting our country’s efforts, and in particular the warfighter, by helping to identify the most talented and qualified professionals to serve all of those that support us. Providing solutions and services, whether healthcare, engineering, or other professional services, is my passion. My personal mission is to match the best people with the most critical of Government needs. Providing great opportunities for great people to support our warfighters, their families and our Government customers is what drives everything that I do professionally.

ISGF Government Solutions-Patrick
One of the Leaders- Justin Klum



My passion for government service started during my time spent in the Army where I lead a specialized Infantry unit through multiple combat deployments. After separation from the Army, I applied the skills I developed in leadership, operations, and attention to detail to the private sector eventually finding my home at ISGF. Here I continue my service to the government by supporting the efforts of our esteemed clients, the employees who work for them, and our dedicated Government Solutions team who make it all possible. It is my belief that great relationships are built from exceptional service.

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